Modular Units
for Enterprise

Structure100 deliver professionally managed modular construction projects with a consistently high-quality result and fast turnaround times.

No Delays

Recent years have seen the pressures of material delays and labour shortages having an impact on timelines and budgets. Built in our off-site factory, Structure100 modular buildings enable you to sidestep these potential issues and be in a position to use the facility as quickly as possible.

Low-carbon construction methods with reliable time and budget forecasts reduce risk of delays and poor-quality output

Offices, classrooms, marketing suites, training centres and medical clinics can all benefit from Structure100’s modern construction methods

  • Innovative solutions and advance technology
  • Project timeframes reduced by over 60%
  • Fast delivery programmes to keep costs down
  • Consistent controlled quality
  • Flexibility of any size, including single or multi-storey.
  • Up to 60-year warranty of completed buildings
  • Environmental responsibility and adherence to ISO14001


Our Process

Structure100 uses next generation construction methods to make it possible for clients to take advantage of the benefits of modular buildings and bring their design vision to reality.


Fully flexible in how we work, our design team can work with your specification to create a modular structure and layout bespoke to your needs.

Stress Free

Remove the stress of providing new buildings by taking advantage of the skills and experience of our Project Management Team. From early stages of conception, we can take full responsibility for the preparation, delivery, installation and commissioning of your modular building. Our team can manage any necessary building warrants, groundworks, utility connections and fit out.


Digital transformation has brought innovation to so many areas of our lives, and now new technologies are driving the construction sector forward to meet the changing dynamics of our population.

Our processes assure of high quality production

Recent Projects

Structure100 is a great partner to help you achieve your sustainability goals without compromising quality or speed.

Porthcawl Town Council

Structure100 is pleased to have delivered a turnkey project for the construction of new public toilets in Porthcawl on behalf of our parent company, Healthmatic.

Ealing Council

Employing a unique contracting model, Structure100 designed and installed a community and sports pavilion to create a valuable community space.