Modular Solutions

Increasing the UK’s capacity to meet a growing demand for high quality residential, commercial and public use buildings through modern construction methods.

Enormous Benefits

With advances in so many other aspects of life, it is inevitable that modern methods of construction will also continue to develop. With the advances being made in today’s construction methodology come enormous benefits – in quality, flexibility, sustainability, reliability, and ultimately in ensuring the end users can enjoy and benefit from their buildings as quickly as possible.

Structure100 is a suitably qualified and experienced contractor, providing solutions for Housing, Community and Enterprise construction projects.

Offers lower impact, faster projects that deliver better outcomes

What Structure100 Will Bring to Your Next Project

‘Necessity is the mother of all invention’ – this saying has never been more true than when applied to construction. Whilst modular construction is hardly a brand-new industry, we’ve been in it for decades ourselves, it is definitely seeing growth in response to the needs of a changing population.

On one side there are factors like Brexit, an ageing workforce, the pandemic. And on the other the drive to modernise, utilise innovative methods and reduce our carbon footprint.

These circumstances, and more, have been behind the growth in off-site construction which has benefited organisations in all sectors.

Our Specialisms


Sustainability Built-In


Fully flexible in how we work, our design team can work with your specification to create a modular structure and layout bespoke to your needs.

Stress Free

Remove the stress of providing new buildings by taking advantage of the skills and experience of our Project Management Team. From early stages of conception, we can take full responsibility for the preparation, delivery, installation and commissioning of your modular building. Our team can manage any necessary building warrants, groundworks, utility connections and fit out.


Digital transformation has brought innovation to so many areas of our lives, and now new technologies are driving the construction sector forward to meet the changing dynamics of our population.

Our processes assure of high quality production