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Our clients aim to create spaces which enable people to get the most out of them,
for years to come. We make those aims a reality.

Meet the Team

For over 20 years, the team at Structure100 has been supporting councils, developers and architects in bringing plans for buildings of all sizes and scales to life. From standalone units like classrooms and pavilions to multi-unit housing developments, our team understands how vital it is to provide reliable and efficient service, as well as to adhere to timescales and budgets.

Our in-house design team will create a fully functional design which incorporates your requirements and ideas. We will ensure it complies with relevant building regulations but is bespoke to your specific needs.

Martin Fearon


With extensive experience in both the facilities management and capital infrastructure industries, Martin has created our mission of combining a highly skilled technical capability, passion for innovation and a genuine focus on customer service to provide a unique experience for Structure 100 clients.

Having begun his career as a young engineer in the Royal Navy, Martin developed his career in building services and capital project delivery, leading business success in the UK and internationally with Mitie, Veolia and The Starn Group.

Piers Dibben


Piers has been providing advice and guidance on public buildings and infrastructure to local authorities for over 20 years. With a well established understanding of the needs and issues associated with buildings in the Public Realm, his background in building and economics allows him to develop solutions which consider both technical and commercial challenges. Tracing a history in construction back to his family builders merchants in Southampton in the 1800’s, Piers travels extensively across the UK and Ireland in support of our clients.

Martin Waker


In Martin’s 40 year career in ‘Off-site construction’ he has manufactured just about everything at some stage. This has included the development of Modular Houses, hotels, motels and apartments in timber, steel, glulam, SIP & hybrid materials. He was part of the team that revolutionised hotel construction across the UK with the introduction of the sectional pod Hotel concept – now standard in the industry. More recently, this has included the production of ‘Zero Carbon’ apartment units.

Leading our manufacturing facility in Knighton he ensures our design and production teams are enabled and empowered to deliver on behalf of our clients on all occasions.

Mark Lonergan


Mark’s 36 year career experience provides the foundation for our manufacturing operations. He is a master carpenter and sets the exacting standard for all production floor activities. Mark oversees daily production activities, is responsible for our stringent quality control procedures and ensures the continual development of our skills and processes.


Structure100 Helps Clients Take Advantage of Modular Construction

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Modular building is a key element in forwarding the global green agenda – in both the manner of production and the way they are used. Buildings are manufactured in a factory, where they are made to order and to the exact requirements of the customer. This reduces wastage of materials and also ensures that each piece of the building is built to the criteria specific to its use so is absolutely fit for purpose.

The buildings are then delivered to site and installed by trained site staff, connecting them to the required utility services. The installation of energy efficiency components such as solar panels or heat pump connections can be integrated into the build process rather than being retrofitted.

We can dramatically improve on the completion deadlines currently offered by traditional construction methods. Labour shortages, materials availability, the recent growth in minor domestic works – all these factors and more have increased the likelihood of construction project delays.

Modular construction has inbuilt solutions that positively impact timeframes. As a result, development projects reach completion 30-50% more quickly.

Off-site manufacturing removes so many of the potential variables associated with traditional construction processes, you are less likely to have escalating costs with a modular build. The ability to operate on a 24 hour basis within a protected environment and exercise stringent quality control on 100% of the product eradicates budget over-runs.

Modular construction is not only more cost-effective but you’ll also achieve completion more quickly which means you are able to get a return on investment more quickly, whether that be through use of the building or bringing the property to market more quickly.

Different projects have different requirements. It’s as important to us as it is to our clients that we can meet exactly what’s needed. If you want guidance and consultation, we’re here to help. Similarly, if you have a clear vision, we’re here to make that vision reality.

With extensive experience comes adaptability. We know that being set on a particular method or outcome doesn’t necessarily provide the best experience for a client, so we work to suit your needs.

We have been designing, building and installing robust modular buildings since 1988, working with over 180 satisfied clients. Our in-house design team will create a fully functional design which incorporates your requirements and ideas.

We have the skills to ensure that each building complies with relevant building regulations but also reflects the bespoke nature of your specific needs.

By applying a manufacturing process, we achieve a level of consistency that is unattainable when using traditional construction methods. Each completed unit is subject to the same production process and not subject to the variations associated with different constructions squads or environmental conditions. All trades and professions are present in the same place at the same time, so visibility of each phase of manufacture is maintained and a thoroughly documented completion record is made available for peace of mind.

With our strict Quality Assurance processes, we check and double check every item leaving the factory. This maintains our high-quality standards and ensures that all our customers can rest assured that what is delivered to site is what they expect to see.

Buildings should be aesthetically pleasing, and enjoyable to use. Over the past 20 years, we have created spaces that are incredibly striking, spaces that are sympathetic to their environment, and more than a few that have achieved both.

But what’s important to us is that they reflect what each client wants, and that we can bring that vision into reality – efficiently and reliably.

Structure100 supports clients by producing modular buildings which are modern, high-quality spaces, manufactured in our specifically designed and quality-controlled factory to each customer’s specification.

Delivered to site ready for installation and sign-off in a timeframe that traditional building methods cannot compete with, and of a quality that is unbeatable.

Building to order means that we create exactly what is needed. This dramatically reduces wastage, improves sustainability and is extremely cost effective.

Creating buildings in our facility means that we have greater control of those important risk factors which often impact on-site construction such as the management of logistics, labour scheduling and material availability.